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3D Printed Flexi Caterpillar

3D Printed Flexi Caterpillar

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The articulating Flexi Caterpillars are 3D printed and made of PLA. Each caterpillar has articulating feet, head, and body so they are really fun to play with or just pose on your desk.

Size: 7.5 inches long

Please be aware that the color selections will not always appear as they do in the example image. The colors shift at random times throughout the print so the gradient and color blend may be slightly different between prints.

Material: 100% PLA plastic - a polymer mix made from corn starch, sugar cane and sugar beet. PLA is a non-toxic bioplastic. As this plastic is eco-friendly, it will break down over time if left out in the elements. However, it is also odorless and resistant to warping. 

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