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Jumbo Pocket Friends Articulating Figurine 3D Printed

Jumbo Pocket Friends Articulating Figurine 3D Printed

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Introducing the Jumbo Pocket Friends Articulating Figurine, a must-have addition to your collectibles! These figurines are 200% larger than our popular MINI pocket friends, making them the perfect display piece for any fan.  

  • Five Styles: Choose from 5 different styles to add to your collection.
  • Articulating: These figurines are not only adorable but also fully articulating, allowing you to pose them in any way you like. 

Add these Jumbo Pocket Friends Articulating Figurines to your entertainment room or office for an instant conversation starter. Whether you're a fan of cute collectibles or just looking for a fun addition to your décor, these figurines won't disappoint. Start collecting today! 

Please note: these are 3D printed products. Colors may vary slightly. We aim to have the best quality 3D prints!

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